Vote for Sonic!

Hey FD!  Sonic here.

Although I’m pretty new to the FD community, I met a bunch of you at this year’s FD Ball and others of you at some fundraising events with my boyfriend, Beemer. I have been blown away by the family that is FD, both participants and volunteers. So after hearing about camp and the volunteers needed, as well as being inspired by how Brad has used his talents to give back, I signed up to be “Camp Bro” (Chef) this summer. I am extremely excited to cook for camp this year at White Salmon!

For those I have yet to meet, I am a professional chef. I graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2006 and worked for several years in NYC for such chefs as Mario Batali and Todd English. Most recently, I was head chef at a new restaurant in New Haven, CT. Through my different positions, I developed a passion for all things local, sustainable, seasonal, and made from scratch. Whether it’s curing my own bacon or pickling cucumbers from my backyard, I can’t get enough! While emailing with some of my future campers, I realized that quality, healthy food is important to a lot of you. So I hoped you might support a project I’m working on. I’m currently trying to start a bistro truck that will drive across the country raising awareness about the benefits of local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients using handcrafted food.

To get funding to start my truck, I have applied for a grant from Pepsi. My application is currently up for public vote, and I could really use your help! Each individual can vote every day in the month of June. Just go to to register your vote. I need to be in the top ten to win the $50,000 grant…I really need to start getting a ton of votes! Please vote everyday and tell all your friends and family. Hopefully when I get the grant, my truck can drive from FD camp to FD camp serving sustainable food!