What Really Happened Between Brad Ludden and Jennifer Love Hewitt…

For those who frequent the epicenter of celebrity gossip—the infamous Page Six—you might have seen First Descents’ Founder, Brad Ludden’s name within the mix of today’s posts in a piece touting Jennifer Love Hewitt’s love-gone-wrong history. Although not one to kiss and tell, Brad felt it okay in this case because, well, truth be told, the two never so much as smooched so a) he couldn’t have really cheated on the television star and b) he’s in the clear to talk about it. “In all honesty, Jennifer and I spent a very short amount of time in each other’s company, but I always enjoyed it. She’s an awesome, driven woman. Super sweet, sincere and fun, but I think we both realized that the opportunity for a future wasn’t there and so she called a spade a spade and we both moved on,” said Ludden. Despite their separate zip codes, there was a cause beyond JLH that continued to beckon Brad: First Descents. Championing the cause remains his main focus and ultimate devotion. Sorry ladies. For now, more Page Six-worthy escapades will have to wait while Ludden spends his days (and nights) nurturing his most important darling.

FD Founder Brad Ludden after a 2 week expedition in Madagascar

Ludden hard at "work"

Spending time with his "GF"- a First Descents camp in Montana