FD cur·rent /’FD ‘kərənt/ noun. a community of monthly donors whose sustained support directly empowers young adults impacted by cancer.

+ Join The FD Current

On the river, a current is the force that keeps us moving forward. The FD Current is a community of monthly donors whose sustained support makes it possible for First Descents to serve more young adults impacted by cancer each year. By making a recurring monthly contribution, FD Current members play a pivotal role in the forward motion of our organization, while gaining premier access to FD experiences. On the river, you can wait in the eddy and watch the water pass you by, or push out into the current and your courage will inspire others to join us on the rapids.


+ An exclusive welcome package from First Descents

+ Quarterly reports from FD Leadership

+ Early access to ticket sales for FD's produced events

+ Recognition on FD Current Homepage


By joining the FD Current, your monthly donation of any size will have a significant impact towards serving the needs of young adults impacted by cancer. 

Here are just some of the ways your monthly contribution will sustain the mission of First Descents:

A life-changing week-long program experience for one participant
Personalized, professional instruction provided by guides and FD staff for one participant
Travel and food for one participant
Lodging for one participant
A local adventure experience for one participant


+ It’s Adventurous: At FD we thrive on adventure. Give monthly and we’ll send you exclusive updates and stories from participants that will inspire you to live every moment to the fullest.

+ It’s Accessible: By joining the Current, you can choose a giving level that makes sense for you and over the course of your membership you will make an incredible impact in the lives of young adult cancer fighters and survivors.

+ It’s Sustained: Your monthly donation provides reliable and sustained support, allowing First Descents to continuously improve programming and invest in new ways to grow.


  • Alix & Hans Berglund
  • Amy Lin
  • Andrea MacPherson Larson
  • April Hurst
  • Bernie Brenner
  • Brad Ludden
  • Britt McCormick
  • Chad Smith
  • Cherie Lind Fry
  • Chris Chung
  • Chris Shields
  • Corey Nielsen
  • Dan Meador
  • Darla Dooms
  • David Smith
  • Dean Family
  • Deanna Cor
  • Diana Zeng
  • Erica Mirich
  • Erica Shepard
  • Gus & Donna Siegmund
  • Heather Mount
  • Jacklyn Brown
  • Jacquelyn Pryor
  • James Dean
  • James Smith
  • Janice Peacock
  • Jeff Kaufman
  • Jen Morris
  • Jennifer Houlihan
  • John Ritter
  • Katie Jozwicki Morgan
  • Kayla Pickul
  • Leah Metz
  • Mackenzie Frank
  • Maggie Keefe
  • Mary Ellen & Paul Monzella
  • Meghan Brennan
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Melissa Weaver
  • Moira, Seth, & Hannah
  • Molly Daniels
  • Rachel Shorey
  • Richard Hustus
  • Ryan O'Donoghue
  • Rise Above It
  • Sean Miller
  • Silvija Strikis
  • Scott Kall
  • Stephanie Lindquist
  • Tami Yinger
  • Tim Baldwin
  • Tristan Mangindin
  • Vickiann Adams
  • Wayne McDaniel