FDtributaries are community-based groups designed to support and connect our growing alumni community and all young adults impacted by cancer, at a local, more accessible level; sustaining the spirit of Out Living It throughout the year. Trib events happen quarterly in all 12 Trib locations.

FDtribs Portland Q1 Recap: Curling Portland, OR

FDtribs Seattle Q1 Recap: Curling Seattle, WA

FDtribs San Fran Q1 Recap: Culinary Workshop San Francisco, CA

FDtribs Orlando Q1 Recap: Kona Skate Park Orlando, FL

FDtribs NYC Q1 Recap: Curling New York City, NY

Minneapolis Q4 Recap Minneapolis, MN

FDTribs LA Q4 Recap Los Angeles, CA

FDtribs Denver Q1 Recap: Curling Denver, CO

FDtribs DC-Baltimore Q1 Recap: Sandy Springs Adventure Park D.C.-Baltimore, MD

FDTribs Boston Q4 Recap Boston, MA

FDTribs Q2 Adventure Recap Austin, TX

Our multi-day programs are the quintessential First Descents experience. The goal of FDtribs is to sustain that support throughout the year; to continually embody the culture and energy of FD. FDtribs will be the headwaters for continued passion and vitality for the FD experience and serve as an introduction to FD for those young adults who haven’t yet attended a program. Our goal is for FDtribs to grow and strengthen our already amazing community.

Trib events happen quarterly in all 12 Trib locations; these events range from half-day workshops to multi-day adventures. Not a Trib in your area? The FDtributaries Scholarship is intended to make FDtrib events and connections possible for those young adults impacted by cancer who do not live near one of the 12 official FDtrib locations OR for existing Trib locations that want more Out Living It opportunities for their local community.

Download the PDF below for more details.

If you are interested in getting more involved or have any questions, email Julie[email protected]org

2016 Tribs Scholarship Details

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