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Code of Conduct

We are a community of people Out Living It!


Out Living It means riding the wave of life to the fullest, accepting nothing less, and making that commitment together. That also means we are responsible for one another. No one is left behind or forgotten. We’re in this together.


The following represents our commitment, and what we ask of everyone at programs, to ensure the best possible Out Living It experience for everyone.

At First Descents


We strive to create an emotionally, physically, and spiritually safe space for everyone.
We stay together – participants, staff, volunteers, and outfitters – to create a collective space.
We respect individuality and treat everyone equally.
We take the rare opportunity to disconnect from everyday life in order to cultivate deep connection and personal introspection.
We do not dilute the experience by using alcohol or unprescribed drugs.
We practice sound judgment and manage risk as best as we can.
We have empathy and compassion for those around us.
We find our voice and allow others to express theirs.
We tread lightly and serve as stewards of the environment.
We up our game and challenge one another to expand and grow.
We are here for adventure, we are here for individual reasons, but most importantly, we are here together. So please respect one another, and most importantly – don’t be a jerk!

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