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In an effort to lower barriers for entry for FD programs, and reach more young adult survivors and fighters, First Descents launched FDi programming in 2012 with seven programs and approximately 90 participants. The “i” stands for introduction, and that’s our goal with the FDi program- to introduce FD to more young adults who need it. FDi is a weekend program, hosted in collaboration with medical centers across the country. FDi programs are led, in part, by FD alumni who have completed all levels of FD programming and are looking to give back.

How it Works?

First Descents Role:

1) FD will work with cancer center representatives to identify eligible participants and design programming around the group abilities
2) FDi programs will take place near each partnering center, making all activities as convenient as possible for patients to attend
3) FD will organize and coordinate all programming, staffing, gear, transportation and logistical planning for each FDi
4) FD will co-brand informational and marketing materials specific to each center, supporting the resource center and offerings of each institution
5) FD will work with each participating center to develop photo and video assets if requested

Participating cancer centers will provide:

1) Circulation of program information to eligible participants
2) Management of all participant recruitment
3) Participating cancer centers are asked to assume the cost of the two day FDi program at $8,000
4) A staff member or representative of each center is welcome to attend!


Oregon Health and Science University, Partnerships in 2012, 2013

Activity: Rafting and kayaking in Hood River with Wet Planet Outfitters

“It was all a big success and we very much hope that this opportunity is available for our patients again. I believe almost every single participant said that they would apply for an FD1 program next summer.”

– OHSU Program Coordinator


Seattle Children’s Hospital, Partnership 2013

Activity: Rafting and kayaking on the Wenatchee River

“These programs are amazing, and these adventures are one of the rare perks in an otherwise perceived perk-less cancer scenario.”

-FDi Participant


University of Southern California, Partnership 2012

Activity: Surfing in Santa Barbara

“Having experienced the practice of FD now firsthand, I can say FD has been very successful at using adventure experiences as pathways to personal growth and discovery for cancer survivors.”

– Medical Director, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Please contact John Scheid, Program Partnerships & Recruitment Manager, at 720.226.9329 and [email protected] for more information.

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