Give the Gift of Adventure

Give the gift of adventure to young adults impacted by cancer and MS, healthcare workers, and caregivers.


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Dylan Williamson

Dylan began their life and spent their childhood in beautiful South-Western Colorado. Sandwiched between wild sprawling deserts and humbling snow capped peaks, they had the great privilege of finding constant joy and access to the outdoors. They moved to Rhode Island to receive their BFA in Furniture Design, and had the distinct joy of seeking unfamiliar backcountry and new outdoor communities around New England.


They find bringing queer groups to wilderness spaces very fulfillling, and you might see them climbing, surfing, hiking and urban nordic skiing in their bright green frog hat pictured above (a tribute to a childhood frogsuit halloween costume).


When not froloking in the great outdoors, you can find them in their makeshift studio making sculptures and furniture.