Rick Schoen

DB comes from the Midwest originally – born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN.  He has lived in beautiful Washington state since 1976.  He has always enjoyed the outdoors.  So all the outdoor adventures in Washington fit him well.  Rick loves rivers and what they teach and show us.  He was a sea kayaker up until he was put in a WW boat out at the ocean surf.  Stopped sea kayaking and never looked back.  Rick has been known to telemark ski, hike, and occasionally climb,  but he particularly loves rivers. Besides the outdoors, he is probably best known for his fashionable dress and his ability to sleep in anywhere and anytime!  And I hear Rick is a Story Teller.  Rick also loves FD.  He’s volunteered at 1-3 camps a year since 2009.  He says “ The volunteers get as much out of these programs as do the campers!”