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Healthcare Partnerships

Healthcare Partnerships

Partner with First Descents (FD) to improve survivorship for the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients in your care. Whether you refer patients to our programs or work with us to design a custom program, we are committed to supporting your medical and social work teams to address the unique needs of AYA survivors.

How it Works?

First Descents Role:

1) FD will work with cancer center representatives to identify eligible participants and design programming around the group abilities
2) FDi programs will take place near each partnering center, making all activities as convenient as possible for patients to attend
3) FD will organize and coordinate all programming, staffing, gear, transportation and logistical planning for each FDi
4) FD will co-brand informational and marketing materials specific to each center, supporting the resource center and offerings of each institution
5) FD will work with each participating center to develop photo and video assets if requested

Participating cancer centers will provide:

1) Circulation of program information to eligible participants
2) Management of all participant recruitment
3) Participating cancer centers are asked to assume the cost of the two day FDi program at $8,000
4) A staff member or representative of each center is welcome to attend!

Medical Programs Contact:

Please contact John Scheid, Program Partnerships & Recruitment Manager, at 720.226.9329 and [email protected] for more information.

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