Free Outdoor Adventures for Healthcare Workers

Support HERO RECHARGE and extend the healing power of adventure to healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontlines.


Support HERO RECHARGE and Extend the Healing Power of Adventure to Frontline Healthcare Workers

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Rafi Nova x First Descents

Rafi Nova x First Descents

Rafi Nova has chosen First Descents as their nonprofit partner for the month of October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! On top of donating face masks to keep First Descents staff and participants safe on upcoming trips, Rafi Nova will also generously donate 1% of revenue from the month of October back to our organization. To support this new partnership, you can shop at Rafi Nova and use the code FD10 for 10% off. Please feel free to pass our code along to your friends and family, so we can maximize the impact of this generous donation!

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