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Sayulita, Mexico

International FDX Adventure | Surf, Zipline, SUP

The FD family is headed to the warm, blue waters of Sayulita, Mexico for a week of surfing, paddle boarding, zip lining, and snorkeling while aboard a yacht that will serve as your home base for the week. Cruise the sunny coastline of Puerto Vallarta for some of the best adventures the tropics has to offer. Under the leadership of FD’s very own, Ryan “Wolf” O’Donoghue, this ocean experience is bound to be another once-in-a-lifetime Out Living It adventure. Enjoy meals, campfire, and incredible company afloat the relaxing Pacific waters and discover the vibrant adventures and culture that Mexico has to offer for one epic week. Our departure is scheduled for the end of February 2019, so start planning today and gear up for an FDX adventure that gives the mantra of Out Living It a whole new meaning! Check out the Itinerary and travel details below to learn more. 

Check out this trip’s epic itinerary right HERE.

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