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New Zealand

International FDX Adventure | Exploring New Zealand

The fundraising goal for New Zealand has been lowered to $2,250 and this program is open to +1s! 

New Zealand adventures are back on the horizon! When your goal is Out Living It, you always have to be looking ahead to that next adventure and be sure to keep your eyes on the prize! After an incredible FDX adventure across New Zealand last season, First Descents has decided to set our sights on the magnificent Kiwi mountains and rivers once again! The name of the game this time around is primarily whitewater kayaking and sea kayaking with some spectacular hiking and sight seeing in between. Under the fearless leadership of FD’s very own Brooke Barry aka Noodles, this NZ experience is bound to be another one for the books. Our departure is scheduled for the end of January 2019, so start planning today and gear up for a global adventure that gives the mantra of Out Living It a whole new meaning!

Check out this trip’s epic itinerary right HERE

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