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FD Tributaries

How to start your own local adventure community

Alumni Driven FDtributary Events

FDtributaries (FDtribs) are our local adventure communities across the country, supporting and connecting our growing community and sustaining the spirit of Out Living It throughout the year.  Annually, First Descents Headquarters organizes, funds, supports, and executes events in each of the 15 official FDtrib locations across the country. The FDtributaries Scholarship is intended to make FDtrib events and connections possible for those young adults impacted by cancer who do not live near one of the 15 FD-supported Trib locations OR for existing Trib locations that want more Out Living It opportunities for their local community beyond the FD sponsored and supported events.

2017 FDtrib locations hosting quarterly events (4):

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
DC-Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
Orlando, FL
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

2017 FDtrib locations hosting bi-annual events (2):

Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Minneapolis, MN
Salt Lake City, UT

Our FDtrib communities are alumni driven. For FD alum who are ambitious enough to dream up, organize,  execute, and lead a Trib event in their hometown – we encourage you to make that dream a reality for all other young adults impacted by cancer in your area. The FDtribs Scholarship is only open to FD alumni. Our alumni have experienced the FD1 program and are living life as a young adult with cancer; you are the best ambassadors of the Out Living It culture and able to deliver the most authentic experience via the Tribs model.

In order to host attainable FDtrib events, please plan events that are consistent with the FD culture and are financially viable. FD will work with you to explore the possibilities and support you with our experiential guidelines, marketing, outreach and financial assistance. Keep in mind that for whatever event you dream up, if approved, it will be open to the entire local young adult cancer community on a first come, first serve basis. All FDtrib events need to meet specific guidelines and criteria.

Up for the challenge?

Submit the FDtributaries Scholarship Application to [email protected]

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