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What is it? The original First Descents experience. A multi-day adventure program centered around whitewater kayaking, rock climbing or surfing. You’ll be pushed beyond your limits, meet some of the most inspiring people and experience some of the most stunningly beautiful settings in the country.

Who is eligible? All young adult cancer fighters and survivors (ages 18 – 39) who have never attended an FD camp before. FD1 level programs are for all first-time participants.

What does it cost? Nothing! The FD experience is 100% free of cost to all first-time participants . We ask that you cover your own cost of travel, but if you’re not able, travel scholarships are available based on need. All food, lodging, instruction, gear and activities during the week are included.



What is it? The next step in your journey as a survivor and an outdoorsman (woman!). A new location, a heightened adventure, and the same FD magic. These week-long adventure programs will be centered around whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and surfing. The FD2 experience is designed to allow returning campers to create new goals, and continue reaching – both physically and emotionally.

Who is eligible? You must have attended an FD1 program before to be eligible for FD2. If you’ve already been to an FD2, you’re ready to move on to FDX! Jump to the FDX section below.

What does it cost? Your FD2 program is free! We do ask that you join us in our commitment to reaching more YA’s each year. In order to attend an FD2 program, you will need to select an adventure of your own, and commit to registering for Team FD. There’s no such thing as failure – even if you raise $2.00, that is $2.00 that will go directly to serving another young adult with cancer. We’re here to help support your efforts! Here’s how it works:

+ Sign up for the FD2 program of your choice
+ Register for Team FD, and select your own challenge
(climb a thon, 5k, bike race, etc. – get creative!)
+ We help you build a strategy and reach your goal
+ Attend camp with 15 other FD alum, supporting and pushing each other to build on your previous FD experience

Travel scholarships are primarily available for FD1 only. If you need assistance as an FD2 participant contact us and we will do our best to help you out!



What is it? The ultimate adventure experience. FDX is your ticket to pursuing life-long adventure and continuing to live the spirit of FD. Here’s how it works: First Descents will work with our partnering outfitters to reserve spaces on outdoor expeditions happening all over the country and beyond. FD alum will have the opportunity to select an FDX trip and fundraise to secure a spot on that expedition. FDX programs are owned by you. This is YOUR experience; it’s up to you to redefine your limits and seek your adventure.

Who is eligible? Participants that have completed an FD1 and FD2 program! You can attend FDX as many times as you wish, for the rest of your life. FDX is all about seeking legitimate challenge, and applying the healing properties of the outdoors & adventure sports in our daily lives. FDX programs are designed for participants, but there are a few select programs where we have spots for caregivers!

What does it cost? For each FDX program there will be a fundraising goal. This goal is designed to “pay it forward” so that another young adult fighter can attend an FD program, and will be determined at the time of the program being released. FDX Participants are responsible for their own travel costs. We’ll work with you to reach your goal!