Alumni Driven FDX

For FD alum who are ambitious enough to dream of an FDX are encouraged to explore what it would take to make that dream come true for you and fellow FD alumni.

In order to provide enough attainable FDX adventures, please strive to find trips that are consistent with the FD experience, and that are financially viable. FD will work with you to explore the possibilities, keeping in mind that for this to be successful, all of FDX trips need to be cost neutral to cost positive.

The Process

Step 1 – Consider the following questions and requirements to captain your FD alum driven FDX;

○    Is this a legitimate FD adventure that fulfills our mission and aligns with FD’s core values?

○    Is the location and activity (or activities) reasonable, realistic and appropriate for an FDX?

  • Are qualified and trustworthy outfitter(s) available to support  the adventure?
  • How complicated are the trip logistics (e.g., travel, accommodations)?
  • Please create a budget estimate for the adventure (not including travel)
  • Can the FDX can be created, funded, and delivered in a realistic time period?

Note: Fundraising goals will vary based on the FDX adventure you choose or create, and all members of FDX programs are required to fundraise!

○    How many participants will the proposed FDX support (including staff)?

○    Are there discount opportunities for FD (e.g., trip sponsors, in-kind donations)?

Keep in mind that whatever trip you dream up, if approved, it will be open to the entire alumni community on a first come, first serve basis.

 Step 2 – Email the FD Programs team ([email protected]) with your FDX adventure ideas, questions, and concerns.

Step 3 – When the framework for your FDX is determined, the responsibility and execution will shift from the alum to HQ, and you will go on being the captain for the FDX you create.

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