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Community Adventures are all about community connection and shared outdoor experiences – two of the pillars of the FD Family. At First Descents, our goal is to empower you to live a life of adventure and stoke while connecting and supporting those around you.

Community Adventures are a simple way to gather your First Descents family and out live it together! These are experiences planned and facilitated by members of the First Descents community. It could be a day hike or a weekend backpacking trip.

The best part? Community Adventures are open to EVERYONE – so whether it’s your first time or you’re an FD alumni, feel free to bring along a partner, friend, or family member!

Want more assistance, or have a few questions about Community Adventures? Already have an adventure planned or want to organize something in your area?

Our Community Adventures team is here to help. Email [email protected]



1. Join a Community Adventure. Explore the adventures already being planned by members of the First Descents community to find one near you on the map below. It could be an afternoon hike or a weekend trip!

2. Create Your Own Adventure. Don’t see a community adventure near you? Plan your own! You'll just need to answer these three simple questions: What? Where? and When? We'll take care of the 'Who' and handle all the promotion to get you connected to local FD community members nearby! Think of it as FD introducing you to your new best friends!

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Step 1:

Plan An Adventure!

The very first step is to register your adventure by reaching out to our team. It's that simple.

Let's Do This!

Step 2:

Download the Adventure Checklist

Worried you're forgetting something? Use our adventure checklist and work with our Adventure Specialists to make sure all of your bases are covered.


Step 3:

Invite Your Adventure Buddies!

Once you've registered, invite your FD friends and family to join your adventure, because at First Descents, we know adventures are made better by the people you're with!


Step 4:

Start Training

Now that you've created a page and invited friends, start your training plan. We've partnered with a TrainingPeaks coach to help make sure you're physically ready to start Out Living It!

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Community Adventure Disclaimer

Thanks for your interest in joining or creating a Community Adventure! There’s no better way to take adventure into your own hands. Please read the disclaimer below before you get started. 

Notice: You are hereby notified that you understand that the activities, including, but not limited to, hiking, climbing (including rock and ice climbing), ziplining, rafting, kayaking (including sea and whitewater kayaking), surfing, backpacking, biking (including road biking and mountain biking), SCUBA diving, swimming, orienteering, yoga (including aerial yoga), snowshoeing, whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, fitness workouts, and camping (the “Activities”), involved in your trip or outing are being provided by independent third party outfitters (the “Outfitters”) who are not within First Descents’ (“FD”) control, and that FD does not direct the manner or methods by which the Activities are conducted. You release FD from any liability and waive any and all claims and causes of action that may arise from my participation in the Activities, including any claims or causes of action based on the negligent actions or inactions of FD, the Outfitters, or any other third party, including, but not limited to, FD’s actions or inaction, directly or indirectly, in selecting, recommending, engaging, participating in, or overseeing the Activities or the Outfitters.

Featured Adventures




Riding The Divide

Riding The Divide

Riding The Divide
Goal:RIDE 2,731 MILES AND RAISE $200,000

Nimmo's DIY Adventure

Nimmo's DIY Adventure

Nimmo's DIY Adventure


First Descents: Making a splash in the outdoor industry & healthcare space since 2001. #outlivingit #FDRx

At FD we know that mindfulness is an integral part of the healing process. Today, and every day, we believe that taking a few minutes to stretch, breathe, and practice gratitude can make a big difference. #OutLivingIt #MindfulMoment

Did you know that June 2019 is our most adventure-filled programs season EVER? First Descents is providing life-changing outdoor adventures to more young adults than ever before! Here’s to a record-breaking month of #OutLivingIt adventures with the FD Tribe!

Today 10 First Descents teams will be Out Living It at Ragnar Trail in Snowmass, Colorado! Support the healing power of adventure by donating to FD’s Ragnarians here: https://support.firstdescents.org/campaign/2019-ragnar-trail-snowmass/c215265

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