Outdoor Adventures for Young adults impacted by MS

It wasn’t until I was surrounded by others who had MS that I could more freely express my challenges and my fears, because they truly understood.” – First Descents Participant

First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures and peer community support for young adults living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Our goal is to get you on a program that works for you, as soon as possible. We do this through a variety of adaptive adventures.

At the end of the day, our ultimate mission is that adventure and the supportive friends you make along the way will be an ongoing part of your journey

Young adults diagnosed with MS between the ages of 15-39 and currently between the ages of 18-45 are eligible to apply for MS Programs. Interested in joining us on an adventure? Join us! Check out our Participant Out Living It Guide to learn more about our free adventure programs.

Have more questions? Contact our Programs Team at [email protected].

These programs are made possible by the generous support of Velocity GlobalGenentech, and Biogen.


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