This holiday season, (Re)new adventure

First Descents is focused on renewing, recharging, reconnecting and rediscovering adventure in the year ahead. This holiday season, support First Descents to extend the healing power of adventure to over 500 participants in 2022.


This Holiday Season, Support First Descents and (Re)new Adventure

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Media Contact

Ray Shedd, Director of Advancement
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Becca Rohrer, Senior Marketing Manager
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First Descents: An Introduction

Looking to learn more about First Descents? Download our media deck below!

Brand Partners

Interested in partnering with First Descents? Learn more about our corporate partnership model by downloading the deck below!

Talent Activation

Everyone has their own unique story with illness and their own relationship with adventure and wild places. Whether you’re an actor, artist, athlete, or musician, we meet you where you’re at and provide custom-curated opportunities to support our mission. Learn more about the ways First Descents partners with talent to tell a meaningful, authentic story at the deck below!

Out Living It Guide

The Out Living It Guide is an incredible resource as you prepare for your First Descents adventure! Have questions about what to expect? The guide breaks down food, lodging, people, and more!


Are you fundraising for First Descents or just started your Out Living It Project and don’t know where to go next? Download our Fundraising Guide Starter Kit. Our starter guide contains everything from guidelines on our logo usage to steps for raising funds.

Medical Kit Resources

Download the following resources for more information on how First Descents partners with medical centers to deliver integrated programs for young adults.


What is First Descents: An Overview

First Descents Healthcare Partnership

First Descents FAQ for medical professionals

Alumni Testimonial with First Descents Alumni Lisa “Wombat” Butch

FD Hero Recharge Programs Overview

Alumni Testimonial with First Descents Alumni Nate “Scooter” Post