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We’ll meet you where you’re at. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Our goal is to get you on a free program that works for you, as soon as possible. This could include destination week-long programs or local multi and single-day programs closer to where you live.

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Eligibility Requirements

Before we get started, let’s make sure you’re eligible. First Descents provides outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18-39) impacted by cancer and other serious medical conditions.

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General Contact Info

Let's start with some basic info! We're all about community building and connecting fellow young adult survivors locally. We'll take this info and hook you up with an FDTrib, a local adventure community near you, so you can learn more about programs in your area.

Let’s start with some basic info so we can find the program that works best for you!

Contact Info
Would you like to receive a phone call from our program team?
Have you attended a First Descents Weeklong or MS program in the past?

Medical Information

Tell us about your cancer journey. Whether you're in the midst of treatment or a decade out, our programs are available to all young adults impacted by cancer.

First Descents is HIPAA compliant.

Medical Details
At which hospitals or cancer centers were/are you treated?

Please note that these following questions are intended to provide us a starting point on our safety plans and will not automatically disqualify you from this event. For more information, please visit the First Descents Medical Info.

First Descents is HIPAA compliant.

Have you ever had a seizure?
Are you currently on blood thinners?
Do you have any mobility issues, balance issues, or activity restrictions?
Do you have any issues with muscle control?
Do you have any issues with fatigue or heat exhaustion?

Start Planning Your Trip

We’re so glad you’ve taken your first steps to joining us on a trip! If you’re excited to learn more about the programs we offer, we have a lot of resources available for you.

We’re so glad you’ve taken your first steps to joining us on a program! First Descents is still expanding our programming for young adults living with MS so spots are limited. We appreciate your patience as we grow programs to reach more young adults with MS.

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Thanks for joining First Descents! Now, let's get you OUT LIVING IT!

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Thanks for joining First Descents! Now, let's get you OUT LIVING IT!

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Programs Near You

Based on the address you provided, there are no official FD Tribs near you. We are constantly striving to grow our local adventure communities to better serve the young adult cancer community. Check out the list of upcoming pilot Trib programs to see if there is one near you!

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Our Programs

Week-Long Programs

Our free week-long program for first timers available to young adults ages 18-39 diagnosed after the age of 15.

Local Adventure Programs

Local Adventure Communities (FDTribs) provide single or multi-day outdoor adventures for first timers as well as FD alumni right in your backyard.

International Programs

International adventure programs (FDX) are open to all alumni that have attended a weeklong program.