Tom “Broccoli Landers” Whiteside

Broccoli is, by day, a traveling moustache salesman with Movember, by night, a former world-champion broccoli eater and general  broccoli enthusiast. You are what you eat, after all.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin Broccoli spent a year abroad teaching English. After repatriating, a stint in e*learning was derailed by a diagnosis of stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Returning home to the flatlands of Lubbock, TX Broccoli underwent five months of high-dose chemotherapy, followed by a month of radiation. Since then he has been on a quest to help cancer fighters and survivors the world over. From Planet Cancer to LIVESTRONG to Movember, Broccoli has had the great privilege of working at some of the finest non-profits serving those affected by cancer. He is excited to join the Alumni Advisory Board at First Descents after attending FD1 in the OBX in 2014 and FDX in Iceland in 2015.