Logan Piz

A crazy sendy skier, a social work sensei, and a below average dancer, all walk into a bar…  

Bartender says… hey Dino.. table for one?! 

(All the people are just me )

As a wild child of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I was raised on fresh mountain air, juice boxes, and exploration. Backpacking, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and simply living in the dirt with the worms, are just some of the activities that I continue to love and push myself with! 

Currently, I am on a lifelong mission to inspire myself and others to “live deeper”.  In the pursuit of this mission I’ve been able to do some pretty rad things! In the last 5 years, I’ve lived in beautiful New Zealand, backpacked through the Alps of Europe, and explored most of the western U.S. 

In my passion for mental health counseling and advocacy, I received a degree in Social Work from Colorado State University. I’ve had the pleasure of working for many nonprofits including, Make A Wish and Hope Lives Breast Cancer Center. Over the last few years, I have been living in Salt Lake City, Utah! Here, I continue to pursue the impacts of adventure’s healing power in my work as a Wilderness Therapy Guide and through my current job as a ski and snowboard instructor for the National Ability Center, making the magic of outdoor sports accessible to all abilities! 

I am a member of the Cancer Community and I have seen firsthand the power that hopes and community can bring to individuals. Nothing makes me smile more than living deeper with our First Descents family!