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What to Expect For Food

Shared meals are an important part of the FD experience. Our chefs are passionate about the importance of health supportive nutrition as it pertains to survivorship. We want to promote the best possible ways of eating to specifically support survivorship, but remain open and accommodating to various comfort levels and attitudes about food. Our chefs are always open and available to communicate about your specific dietary needs or concerns while at your program and to answer questions about how you can recreate these meals at home.

What to expect for meals:

● Breakfast: cold breakfast for early risers- fresh fruit, smoothies, whole grain breads & spreads, granola, good coffee and tea – hot breakfast before activities
● Lunch: usually packed and taken to the activity location – a full spread for making your own wraps and sandwiches including veggie and meat options, fresh fruit and snacks
● ‘Happy Hour’: healthy snacks before dinner
● Dinner: a full hot meal to be enjoyed all together
● Healthy hydration options
MS Programs: our programs for young adults living with MS adopt and use elements of a whole foods and plant-based diet with quality animal proteins.



What to expect for foods:

● Menus are based on a whole foods approach to cooking, emphasizing plant-based meals with adequate options for quality animal protein
● Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans, peas, nuts and seeds
● Quality organic animal proteins
● Healthy sweet treats (it’s all about balance!)
● Locally sourced, seasonal and organic wherever possible
● Healthy cooking techniques
● Adequate calories for high levels of activity

What to expect from our chefs:

● A passion and dedication to bringing health and nutrition education to cancer survivors and caregivers
● Willingness to help educate about diet and lifestyle changes: ability to do this in an inviting, inspiring and nonjudgmental way
● Experience in preparing food for specialized diets to include vegetarian, vegan, allergies and dietary restrictions
● Open to communication about meeting dietary needs for the duration of the program and answering any questions about the foods we are preparing
● Amazing food made with lots of love in an open and inviting kitchen…feel free to chat with us while we work!