Team First Descents FAQs

Should I Join a Team, Start a Team, or Register as an Individual?

  • Joining a Team: If you are fundraising for an FD2, FDX, or have applied for one of our core events (NYC Marathon, Leadville 100 MTB, etc), this is where you can search for your team page. Once you’ve found your team, click on JOIN TEAM, enter the password and then you’ll be able to create your personal fundraising page.
  • Registering as an Individual: If you are not fundraising for an FD2 or FDX or participating in one of our partner events, this is the option for you! Registering as an individual will allow you to create your own personal fundraising page where you can write about your event or challenge, add photos, and collect donations!
  • Starting a Team: If you are doing your own event and asking other people to actively fundraise with you, you can start a team. All of your team members will be able to create their own personal fundraising pages as a part of your team.


What do I get if I sign up for Team First Descents?

Fundraising Incentives!

  • If you raise $300, we will send you a Team First Descents tech top
  • OR if you raise $1,000, we will send you a First Descents Northface Pullover

Help Training!

  • All TFD athletes receive access to 4 training plans with Training Peaks


I’m not into sports but I want to do something — is Team First Descents for me?

  • Absolutely! We encourage challenges of all types. Tap into your creative spirit and find your own way to get #OutLivingIt! Want to host an art show? Always wanted to start an adventure blog? Get after it! Just Register as an Individual on the TeamFD website to create your fundraising page where you can tell your story and ask for support!


I’ve done Team First Descents before, but it’s harder to fundraise this year — help! 

  • You will be surprised at how willing your friends and family will be to donate on your behalf more than once. Some of your greatest supporters may even come to expect your request for support every year.Here are some other ways to increase your TeamFD impact that don’t necessarily require asking for money.
  • – Check out our website here for events you can join and use to bolster your efforts! Sign up to either participate OR volunteer, and they will DONATE to First Descents. *We will credit this donation to your TeamFD fundraising efforts! These are great ways to break up your fundraising goals into smaller, more achievable benchmarks, further engage your network in filling creative support roles and receive credit to your fundraising page in alternative ways to relying on your donor network.
  • – Pick a group within your group:  for instance, make your Team First Descents challenge specific to one particularly section of your network.  Solicit only your college friends and make it a competition among them.
  • – Alternatively, Cast a wider net of donors:  have you only solicited family?  Reach out to friends, colleagues, and old camp buddies. Work at a corporation?  Ask your coworkers! Ask your favorite businesses to get involved! People honor legitimate challenges and anyone will be happy to support you in your endeavor. Push yourself to widen your perceived network – you can reach farther than you think you can!


A friend said she donated but it’s not showing up on my page — help!

Some possibilities:

  • – Your friend made a donation to your team, instead of to your personal page.  We can adjust this– just check the roster of donors on your team page and let us know if her donation shows up there.
  • – Maybe the donation didn’t actually go through – that happens too.  We can check our records to see if we have her info.  Just let us know all the donor’s details!
  • – The card was declined. Sometimes the numbers don’t get entered in right and the transaction is cancelled.  Have her double-check her card statement to make sure it went through.


Email [email protected] with any other questions.


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