Outliving Your Power: First Descents and CorePower Yoga on the Rocks

By: Anna Kenyon and Claire Ewing

As we look back on an unforgettable season of First Descents programs and events, one of our biggest Summer 2017 highlights was the 2017 CorePower Yoga on the Rocks series. First Descents is proud to have been the charity beneficiary of Yoga on the Rocks with CorePower Yoga (CPY) and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We sat down with CPY yogi Claire Ewing to reflect on the empowering and mindful partnership series that CPY and FD shared.

First Descents: Tell us a little bit about CorePower Yoga. What is your philosophy? What inspires you to practice yoga and mindfulness?

CorePower Yoga: CorePower Yoga strives to show the world the incredible, life-changing things that happen when an intense workout is rooted in the mindfulness of yoga. I personally was attracted to CorePower Yoga because I was able to get a kick butt workout and moments of Zen in just one hour.

FD: Tell us about Yoga on the Rocks? Why do you choose this venue, and what makes it meaningful to you?

CPY: CorePower Yoga has been part of Yoga on the Rocks for 5 years. We love sharing our powerful practice with thousands of new and seasoned yogis every year. Doing yoga in one of the world’s most iconic and picturesque venues creates an unforgettable experience.

FD: Why did you choose First Descents as a local partner? What connects FD and CorePower, in your opinion?

CPY: CorePower Yoga started in Colorado and Yoga on the Rocks is a special event to the Colorado community. CorePower classes foster a connection between mind and body so that people can live their best lives on and off the yoga mat. We love that First Descents is based in Colorado and supports such an important cause in helping young adults impacted by cancer create positive life experiences to heal their minds and bodies.

FD: How does CorePower embody the Out Living It mantra?

CPY: CorePower Yoga’s mantra is “Live Your Power”. We believe that the practice of yoga is a powerful one, and our students experience a unique journey to truly live out their personal power on and off the mat.


FD: What advice do you have for someone new to yoga?

CPY: Try it! CorePower Yoga offers a Free Week of yoga for any new student. With over 175 studios across the nation we encourage anyone to make it to their mat and start to feel the differences in their body and mind.

FD: How have you incorporated mindfulness into your every day lifestyle? CPY: I have been teaching yoga at CPY for over 4 years. I have found a real sense of community that has made me feel connected to something larger than myself. The CPY community teaches me to be more mindful in all that I do day in and day out. The more I make it to the mat the stronger I feel not only physically, but mentally.

FD: Describe a time when you felt disconnected to your body, and how you practiced yoga or mindfulness to find your strength?

CPY: My first job out of college was a sales role where I spent a ton of time at my desk and also in my car. I remember feeling so disconnected to my body after years of dancing ballet. Then I found CorePower. I stumbled in to a studio one day after work and immediately felt the benefits of the practice not only physically, but also mentally. I quickly realized my disconnection was more than just physically in my job and that I was missing passion in my every day work. That is when I decided to pursue yoga teacher training at CPY and also shift my career in marketing to work for CorePower Yoga full time.

A big thanks to CorePower Yoga for supporting the healing power of adventure through this meaningful Yoga on the Rocks partnership series. Mindfulness is a programmatic pillar that allows the First Descents community to continue Out Living It 365 days a year, and we are grateful to align with CorePower to continue empowering young adults impacted by cancer to live their power.

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    1. Hi Jenn! You can attend YOTR next year by signing up on the CorePower Yoga website. If FD is involved again next year, we will also share it on our website and in the E-News with info regarding sign-ups and volunteer opportunities!

      Thanks for your interest!

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