FDtribs NYC Q1 Recap: Curling

What a BLAST!  The FD Trib NYC team met up at the Le Frak Center in Prospect Park for our Curling lesson with Seth Mellin on March 12.  The weather totally cooperated, so could curl unfettered in our spirited sweatshirts and caps.  The Le Frak Center was relatively quiet save for some skaters on the opposite rink.  They couldn’t help themselves when we got started to come and see the fun we were having pushing the 44lb curling stones across the ice, while belly flopping and belly laughing.  A great crew, as usual, turned up.  New faces and familiar alike.  We opted to learn the form and practice a lot, rather than play a full game as our group was thoroughly enjoying taking up the challenge of getting that stone down the ice. Each of us surprised ourselves at how quickly we either got the knack of it, or became more confident on our bellies hitting the ice.  Always love the natural team spirit this group has, and how quickly we take up challenges and laugh our way through overcoming whatever the obstacle. We even decided that Equinox should up it’s game and offer a curling class…man that was an awesome AB workout!!
After our lesson, we chilled in the party room and enjoyed incredible baked goodies by the talented Bearylicious Baker, Leslie Viviana, to celebrate Migs and Alexis’s ENGAGEMENT! Congratulations!  We are all so happy for you both!
-Shannon “Sunshine” Black

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