A.M.G. Eddyflower

An Eddyflower is the shape that a group of kayaks make when they form a circle—it is a beautiful and colorful sight, and one made possible through the collective cooperation of many paddlers. First Descents is launching the A.M.G. Eddyflower as a way to recognize those who participate in Team First Descents. Since its launch, Team FD has been the organization’s largest source of funding each year. Founded by the late Allan Goldberg, FD’s former Executive Director, Team FD has raised more than $3 million since 2007.

The Eddyflower Circle is an open group. In order to qualify for the Circle, an individual or family must raise a minimum of $15,000 over three (3) years. Members of this group will receive one complimentary ticket to each signature FD event in perpetuity, and will be recognized on the FD website.

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