Out Living It Day | Saturday, July 27

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Jenna Bos

I am a Yoga Instructor, a Nutrition Therapist Master, Natural Food Chef and an overall wellness enthusiast! My goal as a chef is to empower my clients to achieve well-being through food that excites them and nourishes every part of themselves; mind, body, soul and spirit!

I believe in sourcing food that is farmed, foraged and raised in a natural environment close to home; free from pesticides, preservatives and growth hormones. I choose recipes and ingredients that are supportive of my client’s health goals and create meals based on my client’s needs that taste amazing and are even more amazing for them!

I am passionate about the environment, culture and creativity; all of which I embody in everything I cook! Nothing brings me more joy than bringing people together around the table for nourishing food and great conversation! I hope you’ll join me for a meal that nourishes your body and your soul!