Julia Conrad

With a 20+year career leading and instructing groups in the outdoors on rock, trails, mountains, and rivers from one-day outings to 31-day expeditions, I’ve been told I have a knack for creating a safe and supportive environment where participants can push their limits, learn new skills, and connect with each other and the natural world. The top 3 things I love about adventuring outdoors with groups are: connecting others through a shared experience, witnessing the seemingly effortless flow that comes from getting in sync with nature, and the confidence and empowerment gained from nudging our comfort zones. I feel lucky to work in a space where I can facilitate these moments for extraordinary individuals. After assisting with an FD program on the Rogue River in 2018, I was taken under the spell and am stoked to now be helping conjure up the magic!

Other fun facts: My winter gig is ski patrol at a small family resort, I get to train aspiring outdoor leaders at the local college here in Bend, Oregon, my dogs Rio and Bandit are aggressive serial snugglers, while whitewater is my jam cold and wet are my nemesis, and I love to laugh so bring on the “dad” jokes!

Let’s go out and adventure!