Jessica Towns

Jessica Towns grew up climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking in Duluth, Minnesota. While working in molecular and cytogenetics in oncology at Mayo Clinic and Emory University, she started volunteering in pediatric oncology. She then went to PA school specifically to work in oncology and joined the Mayo Clinic Lymphoma team, where she recognized the unique concerns of young adults and started a Survivorship Program. In 2012, one of her patients returned from a life-changing FD trip and she made Shaman promise to volunteer with FD and to help other patients find FD. Shaman then fell in love with FD! She continues to work in oncology as needed in California and owns a medical practice in Florida. She is passionate about the healing power of nature, enjoys cooking plant-based meals, everything outdoors, photography, traveling, helping people feel good about themselves, and spending time with her family.