Community Pickleball!

Atlanta, GA

This event was originally scheduled for November 11th but was rescheduled because of weather.


Join local FD community member, Melissa aka “Buttah” in Atlanta for some Pickleball…..It’s the Real Dill!

Date: Sunday, Dec. 3rd
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Murphey Candler Park Tennis Courts (1551 W Nancy Creek Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319 )
Cost: We need to pay to reserve the courts, so the cost will be divided among those in attendance. Probably around $3-5 per person.

NOTE: You will need to bring your own pickleball paddle!! If you don’t currently have any, they can be purchased relatively cheaply online or in many sporting goods stores. If you are purchasing a set that comes with pickle balls, bringing them with you would be greatly appreciated.

Another NOTE: You do NOT have to have any previous pickling experience! If you are unfamiliar with pickleball, the sport requires less athletic ability than tennis, but more than ping pong. 4 people play per court and we will have 4 courts reserved, so people can take breaks as needed and we can rotate players in and out as needed.

If people are interested, we can go out for lunch afterward.

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