Out Living It Day | Saturday, July 27

Save the date and help us celebrate Out Living It Day on Saturday, July 27! Join a community adventure in your hometown and consider making a small donation to help us raise $25k to fuel adventure for others.



Cardiff Mountain Hike

Salt Lake, UT

Join local FD community member, Jon aka “E.Go” for a post work Salt Lake Hike up Cardiff Mountain in Alta, UT. You can learn more about the trail here.

Tuesday July 2nd – 5:30pm

The group will meet across from the Alta Lodge in Alta, UT (Little Cottonwood Canyon) at 5:30 pm. Please bring water, snacks, sun protection and wear comfy hiking shoes!

Whether it’s your first time joining or you’ve been to a bunch of FD meetups – it’ll be a fun day hanging out with local FD community members in the SLC area.

Feel free to invite along friends/family as anyone is welcome to attend Community Adventures!

To RSVP for the Salt Lake Hike meetup please complete this brief form!


“E.Go” is preparing for the Survivor’s at the Summit event that Survivors Wellness is putting on in August! They offer free or very low-cost holistic healing services to cancer patients and caregivers. In case you’re interested in supporting him you can do so here.


All attendees are hereby notified of the Community Adventure disclaimer. Community Adventures are a simple way to gather your First Descents family and out live it together, but that’s not all First Descents offers. In addition to awesome meetups, we provide life-changing, healing adventures for young adults dealing with cancer, MS and other serious health issues. To learn more about our mission and our lifestyle programming — including mindfulness and nutrition, please visit our website.


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