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A.M.G. Eddyflower

An Eddyflower is the shape that a group of kayaks make when they form a circle – it is a beautiful and colorful sight, and one made possible through the collective cooperation of many paddlers. Peer-to-peer fundraising through the Out Living It Project (previously known as Team FD) is a significant source of funding each year. First Descents created the A.M.G. Eddyflower as a way to recognize those who raise a minimum of $15,000 (over 3 years) through the Out Living It Project. Founded by the late Allan Goldberg, FD’s former Executive Director, this platform has raised more than $5 million since 2007.

Member Benefits:

  • Recognition at FDHQ
  • One (1) complimentary ticket to each FD signature event in perpetuity
  • Invitation to quarterly conference calls with Leadership at First Descents

Minimum Fundraising Commitment (Give or Get) 

$15,000 (over 3 years)


AMG Eddy Flower Members:

Ben Wright

Brad Ludden

Brent Goldstein

Gutkin Family

Greg McFadden

James Dean

Jennifer Jackson

John Ourisman

Joshua Serna

Kylie Stamm

Paul Johnson

Susan Doran

Theresa Wilson

Timothy Sheets

Travis Stover

Wendy Burns

Zach Calkins