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A.M.G. Eddyflower

An Eddyflower is the shape that a group of kayaks make when they form a circle – it is a beautiful and colorful sight, and one made possible through the collective cooperation of many paddlers. Peer-to-peer fundraising through the Out Living It Project (previously known as Team FD) is a significant source of funding each year. First Descents created the A.M.G. Eddyflower as a way to recognize those who raise a minimum of $15,000 (over 3 years) through the Out Living It Project. Founded by the late Allan Goldberg, FD’s former Executive Director, this platform has raised more than $5 million since 2007.

Member Benefits:

  • Recognition at FDHQ
  • One (1) complimentary ticket to each FD signature event in perpetuity
  • Invitation to quarterly conference calls with Leadership at First Descents

Minimum Fundraising Commitment (Give or Get) 

$15,000 (over 3 years)