Sample Menu for MS Programs

Menu created by Andrea Sprague AKA “CK”- One of FD’s incredible chefs who is trained in Wahl’s Protocol.

Note: Each program will have some variation of this sample daily menu subject to location and product availability

Breakfast- At the lodge

  • Green Superfood Smoothie (made with fresh almond milk, leafy greens- spinach, blanched kale, Blueberry, raspberry, hemp oil or MCT Oil)
  • Sweet Potato Hash (made white sweet potatoes, kale, red onion, carrot, purple cabbage and Ground Chicken or Shredded Pork)
  • Sous Vide Poached Eggs on the side
  • Almond flour pancakes with a fresh blueberry syrup
  • Bowls of Fresh Berries

Lunch – On the River or the Rock, Make Your Own Lunch Spread!

  • Wraps: Meat (roasted turkey or chicken) or vegetarian wraps with various wrapping choices, including steamed collard leaves, lettuce, gluten free homemade coconut flour wraps or organic wheat flour wraps
  • Veggie Platter (made with portabella mushrooms, sauteed onions, grilled zucchini and roasted garlic aioli)

Happy Hour Snack

  • Chicken Liver Pate’ with Roasted Mushrooms and Onions 
  • Vegetarian Roasted Mushroom Pate’ 
  • Blanched Veggie Crudite
  • Cooling Cucumber Mint Juice


  • Golden Turmeric Butternut Soup (made with coconut milk, homemade chicken stock, fresh turmeric, butternut squash, onion, carrot)
  • Algerian Roasted Chicken (made with chicken roasted in tomatoes, leeks, banana peppers, carrot with cinnamon and cumin, asparagus and roasted wild mushrooms)
  • Raw Beet and Carrot Salad with Broccoli Sprouts and a Coconut Vinegar Cilantro Dressing
  • Roasted White Sweet Potatoes


  • Strawberry Chia Pudding  (made with cacao nibs and coconut flakes)
  • Warm Turmeric Milk (made with nutmeg and coconut milk)