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General Program Support

Interested in volunteering at an FD program?

General Support Volunteers play a vital role at FD programs, so look forward to a week that will forever change your life! General Support volunteers attend First Descents programs to assist the staff and participants in anyway possible. They are the people working in the background to ensure that things run smoothly for everyone at the program. The majority of program responsibilities take place in the kitchen – assisting the chefs with grocery shopping, food prep, cooking and kitchen cleanup.

You will be part of a team of incredible volunteers including

  • 2 FD Lead Staff Members
  • 1 Chef and 1 Sous Chef
  • 2-3 General Support
  • 1 Volunteer Photographer
  • 1 Medical Volunteer

A Sampling of General Support Duties:

  • Dishes, dishes, and you guessed it, more dishes! Remember how much clean up is required after Thanksgiving dinner? That’s every night at an FD program.
  • Check in with Lead Staff to see if there will be any participant birthdays throughout the week
  • Set out a “lunch bar” around breakfast time for participants to prepare their own sack lunch for the day
  • Set out a “Happy Hour” spread of light appetizers for when participants return from the day’s activities
  • Stock vehicles with appropriate items for the day: coolers with ice and plenty of water and drinks, healthy snacks, sunscreen, instant hand sanitizer or hand wipes, bug spray, Kleenex, etc.
  • Maintain bathrooms: wipe down countertops with an antibacterial agent, replenish soap, hand towels and toilet paper and remove trash as needed
  • Help run shuttles to and from the airport and the river/rock/ocean

As a volunteer, your number one priority should be the participants! Going kayaking, climbing, or surfing can be one of the perks, and lead staff will make an effort to get you out there, but your focus should be on providing the best possible experience for the participants at the program.

First Descents will provide meals and lodging accommodations for all volunteers.
Volunteers are responsible for their own transport to and from the program location.

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