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Program Photographers

Volunteer Photographer Role

First Descents Volunteer Photographers are tasked with capturing the First Descents magic in photos and video. Photographers must bring their own photography equipment and be proficient in the adventure sport of their program (kayaking, climbing, surfing).

Equipment: Photographers will need to have their own cameras and should plan on bringing a laptop that is compatible with all equipment to edit photos. For weeklong programs, be sure to bring an HDMI or CD to display the slideshow.

Footage: Shoot away! Your main goal for the program is to capture each special moment including action shots and downtime throughout the program. The most important photos are individual participant photos and at least one group shot, however, don’t forget to capture the amazing food and the unique epic-osity of each location as well!

Slide show: On weeklong programs, each photographer will be responsible for producing a slideshow of images to be shown after the closing ceremony the final night of the program. Some photographers also create a final video clip. Get creative!

Images: Photographers will be shared on a First Descents Dropbox folder which will allow them to upload the week’s images in HIGH RESOLUTION in the following labeled folders:

  • Participant photos: At least 3-4 individual shots of each participant.
  • Top 200: Upload the best photos from the program. We request that we receive no more than 200 photos, as it is too much for our team to have to sort through.
  • Group Shots: Take as many group shots as possible and share them with FD. 
  • Slideshow: In addition to the folders of photos, photographers are also asked to share their slideshow in the Dropbox.

Other responsibilities: When not capturing and editing photos, volunteer photographers are expected to support the staff with general program needs and the chefs in the kitchen.


The Volunteer and Staff Team

Depending on the type of program the number of staff and volunteers may differ. Here are some of the staff and volunteers you may have on your program:

  • 1-2 First Descents Lead Staff
  • 1-2 First Descents Chefs
  • Medical Volunteer
  • Volunteer Photographer or Media
  • General Support Volunteers
  • Outfitters

All volunteers are expected to show up for the week ready to support the Lead Staff in facilitating the safest and most impactful experience possible to participants. Volunteering requires long hours, LOTS of dishes, hard work, and does not guarantee participation in any of the activities.

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