FDTribs LA Q3 – Kayaking

It was a beautiful Southern California day when 20 LA Tribbers bravely boarded a boat for a trip to the Channel Islands. The ocean was blue, the sky was clear, the dolphins were jumping, and the Tribs were already laughing, joking, and bonding. We arrived on Santa Cruz Island and headed out to our kayaks for our first adventure. We took advantage of the perfect weather as we explored caves, learned about the island, touched sea creatures, and played with really really big seaweed. After kayaking, some people hiked to see the spectacular views, while others explored the ocean a bit more with some snorkeling. And, of course, an FD trip wouldn’t be complete without some hula hooping. As we headed back to the mainland, our already perfect day became magical as we watched three whales play in the water while our boat was surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. Needless to say, it was an experience that none of us will ever forget.

-Mrs. Kemp

FDtribs Los Angeles Q3 – Whitewater Rafting the Lower Kern

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