Larry Tokaz

Dr. Tokaz is a practicing Medical Oncologist and has been in Austin now for some 25 years. He works with Texas Oncology, is the Medical Director at South Austin Cancer Center, and serves on the Board of Trustees at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. Larry has been a strong community advocate advancing the awareness and in cancer treatment and survival hope over the last 25 years. His undergraduate education was at Rice University, medical school at UT Southwestern, and post graduate time at the University of North Carolina and at UT San Antonio. He and Pam have three wonderful children ages 25-29, enjoy spending anytime they can together, and traveling (often times in an attempt to see their on the go Kids). Larry divides his career between helping patients deal with their cancer in the most compassionate and understanding way possible and finding important time to spend with his family and friends. He loves a good hike in the mountains to gain and retain personal perspective. Email: [email protected]