The child was picked up off the empty streets of the planet, Tatooine, at the wee age of 7 weeks. Just a few days later, he was dropped off at his fur-ever home in a galaxy far far away with the name 265, escorted safely by a great Mandalorian. From there, the debate started, whatever shall this tiny child’s new name be? Who is 265 destined to become?

While there was much discussion, his parents were able to narrow it down to Meeker and Solo. 265’s connection to the force was challenged and he doubted his galaxy-fighting abilities to live up to the name Solo. Choosing a quiet life on Earth and leaving the great fights of the galaxy behind, 265 chose his destiny and Meeker he became (he heard it was a tall mountain on this planet). He is happy to report that he has done a fine job living up to his Earth name, and can often be found running around in the mountains, sleeping on the couch, or destroying his toys… maybe he does have some galaxy-fighting abilities yet. His connection to the force grows stronger each day.