Becky Sail

I was diagnosed with an extremely rare pelvic sarcoma at the age of 22. Several years into my cancer journey I went on my first FD trip rock climbing in Colorado (something I had never done before). The trip was life changing and opened up a whole new way of living for me. I went on to travel to Thailand and Ireland as a participant, and served as a general support volunteer on several programs.

My involvement ultimately led me to a lead staff position and I couldn’t be more grateful to pay the “FD magic” forward. I feel at peace and at home in the outdoors, and can relate to being scared out of my mind on the side of a cliff, or headed into a rapid. But oh boy…that feeling on the other side. When I’m not spending time with amazing humans on FD trips, you’ll find me in a yoga or spin class, hanging with my adorable nephews, finding a new hike in New England, or doing my day job in corporate communications and marketing.