Carson Addison
Carson (aka “Sweep”) was raised in Reno, Nevada with his twin brother and younger sister. Family time outdoors was a staple of childhood, along with barefoot excursions, Sunday morning feasts, classic rock kitchen anthems, weekend ping pong tournaments and golden retriever moments. In some ways life hasn’t changed very much since then… Carson still finds himself chasing¬†those moments where life feels most potent.
He first dove into the world of outdoor adventure and education at Boise State’s Outdoor Program, where he fell in love with trip leading and group facilitation. He has spent his post-graduation years running rivers, guiding, educating, skiing, and soaking up the beauty of some incredible places the West has to offer. He is willing to try anything and is an absolute sponge for new knowledge and experience.
As member of the Cancer Community himself, Carson understands the impact a significant diagnosis can have on every aspect of life, and is dedicated to the pursuit of health and wellness outside of an illness. First Descents offers incredible opportunities to live beyond a diagnosis, and he is absolutely thrilled to be able to spend time in this domain. Authentic connections via experiences that push the boundaries of self are what drive Carson to live life to the fullest, and he is beyond grateful to get to do just that with the folks that make up this one-in-a-million organization. What a beautiful world we live in, and what a time to be alive. Can’t wait for all that’s in store!