Kristin McMaster

Kristin McMaster (aka “Tortuga”) joins FD from California as our Mental Health Reviewer and Resource Specialist.  Kristin volunteered for FD back in 2011 while working as a Young Adult Oncology Social Worker and it was an experience that left a permanent mark on her heart.  She has an unwavering belief in the strength of the wilderness to heal and help empower people facing challenges like a cancer diagnosis.  Kristin received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern California with a concentration in Health and following the completion of her MSW program, she was recruited to build an AYAO psychosocial support program at UC Irvine’s Cancer Center. Along with supporting FD, Kristin helps to run surf camps for kids who have a family member with cancer and loves nothing more than to share the joy of being out on the water. When she is not wearing her counselor’s hat you can find Kristin out in the ocean on her surfboard, riding her mountain bike or roaming the beautiful trails of California!