Ruth Bancroft Garden

Walnut Creek, CA

Join local FD community member and garden employee, Emma at the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery for a relaxing self guided tour on the morning of Saturday August 12th at 9am. You’ll be able to move through the beautiful garden at your own pace and take moments of personal reflection where you see fit. Because of the size of the garden we’ll be limiting this event to 20 people.

Saturday August 12th at 9am

Though there is some shade, the garden does get hot. There are umbrellas for sun protection and water fountains but consider bringing your own water bottle. The garden and nursery will close if temperatures reach 103°F. Because of this we’ll be starting in the morning when the garden opens at 9am.

Whether it’s your first time joining or you’ve been to a bunch of FD meetups – it’ll be a fun relaxing morning hanging out with local FD community members. If there is interest we may grab a coffee or some food afterwards.

Feel free to invite along friends/family as anyone is welcome to attend Community Adventures!


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