Standby For Adventure

Stories of adventure and community, knowing there are brighter days ahead.

“If cancer and First Descents taught me anything, it’s this: there will be times in life when I feel frozen by fear, but if I take one more step anyway I can challenge myself to do things that seemed impossible at the start.”

“That mountain represented everything I’d ever been through. I said, ‘If I can climb that, then I can do anything.’”

“There was no ‘right’ path, there was only my path. Cancer taught me how to be okay with that, and to forge ahead intentionally.”

“Living with MS is like skiing down a hill—there’s uncertainty and fear but you just take one turn at a time, one day at time.”

“Pushing your body and your limits after you’ve been so physically and emotionally challenged is an incredible feeling. You discover a part of yourself on the other side of that fear that you didn’t know was there.”

“Because of First Descents, I have looked my cancer war in the face and said “not today.’”

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Together, we’ve weathered many rapids, and through it all our community has stayed the course to continue extending the Out Living It spirit. We stand ready to provide life-changing outdoor adventures to young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions as soon as it is safe to do so. Now more than ever, your support means the world to us.



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