FDTribs Q2 Adventure Recap

San Francisco FD Tribs were Out Swingin’ It! The first official event for 2015 was trapeze school, and it was FUN. We had an awesome group of Tribs meet up for a trapeze adventure. I saw everyone challenge themselves by climbing up way past their comfort zone, stand atop a really high platform, and then jump off, holding tightly to the bar while swinging from their arms, and then legs, learning how to flip and perform a catch. The group was a perfect mix of newbies and FD alumni, and we all bonded quickly, and cheered on our new friends as they swung back and forth. Everyone did SO good, and honestly, I think we all surprised ourselves at the end when we were able to complete a catch successfully! It was a great afternoon, and alumni were able to spread some of the FD magic to the newbies, and make our San Francisco Tribs group even more amazing!-Truth

FDtribs San Francisco – Backpacking in the Desolation Wilderness

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FDtribs San Francisco Q2 – Biking to Point Reyes

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