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JEDI Advisory Council

Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Tanum Davis Bohen


Tanum Davis Bohen founded The Bohen Group to encourage leaders to speak truth in order to inspire radical transformation within their teams. Tanum believes in complete transparency & that leaders have an obligation to be curious about how their actions impact their people. 

As an executive in the fast-paced world of advertising & biotech through its formative years, Tanum has worked within highly matrixed organizations. As a team leader as well as an owner of various high-profile, cross-functional initiatives, Tanum has curated the power of inclusion & opportunity to achieve shared goals. It wasn’t until she decided to shed her corporate identity to embark on a journey of personal self-exploration that she realized that her unique perspective as an executive, a leader, a female, and an inclusive team member, could help to change the trajectory of leadership engagement & organizational strategy. She is on an unapologetic mission to incite change. 

Iram Leon

"Rum & Coke"

Iram Leon is a brain cancer survivor who was diagnosed shortly after he turned 30. Statistically speaking, he was not supposed to make it to 40 (Iram’s 40th birthday was August 8th of this year!). From the beginning, he’s aimed to choose life over death, including postponing his brain surgery to run a marathon. He has continued running today, and even found a way to combine it with his greatest love, his daughter, who he won a marathon with while pushing her in a stroller. He is currently a mediator and a speaker at various events, and previously worked as a juvenile probation officer and as a high school teacher. While he has been featured in media around the world and loves the next adventure, he’s always thankful to be home because that’s where his heart is.

Andre Singleton

"Double O"

André D. Singleton, aka “Double O” is a newly Bay Area (New York City prior) based educator, human rights activist, and multi-disciplinary artist born in Kansas City, MO. He is the co-creator of ‘The Very Black Project,’ a social awareness initiative that celebrates the African Diaspora. He’s a Stage IV Hodgkins survivor, in remission since 2005. As an artist, survivor, and gay man he has been empowered to approach life with a fierce determination to be free and embracing of his truth. André’s work continues to inspire courage, pride, and vulnerability, encouraging people all over the world to respect one another so that our communities might remain enriching for us all.

Asha Agrawal

Asha is a corporate lawyer in San Francisco. For the last ten years, she has counseled startup and venture capital firms focused on sustainability. Her love of the outdoors, and her deep belief in its nourishing power, started when she attended Northwestern University and took her first backpacking trip. She then became a backpacking leader, exposing herself to wilderness first aid skills, leadership development and environmental frameworks like Leave No Trace, which together planted the seed for Asha to build a career in environmentalism. 

In her most recent role, Asha was on the executive team of a mid stage startup focused on minimizing the carbon impacts of the commute. There, she helped build a diverse executive team and company, and has a passion for increasing diversity and inclusion in her professional and personal environments. She looks forward to bringing this passion to FD’s initiatives to make the outdoors accessible and enjoyed by all. You can find Asha trail running and exploring alpine lakes from the Sierras to the Cascades with her golden retriever, Sadie. 

Deanna Cor


Deanna N. Cor, PhD, LPC, is an assistant professor and program coordinator in the Counselor Education Department at Portland State University. She is a licensed professional counselor in Oregon and a board-approved clinical supervisor. Deanna’s scholarship and research focuses on developing and enhancing multicultural and social justice counseling competencies in counseling students and current practitioners, specifically for working with clients identifying as trans and nonbinary. Her clinical specialty areas include working with individuals identifying as queer, exploring life transitions, and relational concerns. Deanna is the co-founder of the Oregon chapter of the Association of LGBT Issues in Counseling. She has published several peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and continues to engage in ongoing research to improve counselor education curriculum, training, and practitioner multicultural and social justice counseling competency. She engages in social justice activism both personally and professionally. 

As an FD alum and current Lead Staff, Deanna recognizes that to ensure equity and justice exist within all outdoor spaces, FD must center the voices of minoritized communities and reflect these voices in all aspects of the organization. Deanna knows that serious and sometimes chronic illness cut across identity but the impacts of systemic oppression render young adults navigating these diagnoses underserved. Thus, it is the oppression that must be addressed and not the identities people hold. 

Deanna lives in Portland with her wife, two kids, and pupper. 

Ben Davis

Ben Davis is a native Coloradoan, a recovering political consultant, a father and husband, a rock climber, mountain biker, and devout believer in live music. Following ten great years at OnSight Public Affairs – a firm he helped found and lead – he left for an opportunity to apply his political experience and skill set to a range of challenges facing communities in the United States in a philanthropic role. At the Wend Collective, he works with an incredible team of partners to deliver on greater sustainability in urban environments, support for high quality journalism, political action on climate change, and many more public endeavors. 

At OnSight Public Affairs, he specialized in strategy development, communications, and creative direction. He employed these skills with organizations in the business, sport and political industries to meet their individual goals, working some of Colorado’s highest-profile efforts including GOCO’s Inspire Initiative, the USA Pro Challenge and campaigns for both Senator Mark Udall and Governor John Hickenlooper. 

When he’s not working, you can probably find him hanging with his family, climbing at the local crag, riding one of his many bikes through the woods, or shaking a tail feather to the nearest live show. 

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