2,731 Miles on Two Wheels

By: First Descents

As the days get warmer, and winter fades way, the FD community of adventure-seekers starts to buzz with Out Living It spring fever! Though the FD Tribe pursues bold adventures year-round, summer is the peak season for taking on new physical pursuits, mental challenges, and personal fundraising goals. In 2019, more FD teams are signed up to get #outlivingit and pay it forward than ever before! So, with the OLI spirit pumping again, we wanted to take a moment to remember what Out Living It is all about. 

Out Living It means many things within our First Descents community, but ultimately it is a siren call for riding the waves of life to the fullest. In June, 2018, First Descents Board Chairman, Brent Goldstein, embodied the Out Living It spirit by participating in the Tour Divide mountain-bike race, a 2,731+ mile self-supported, off-road, human-powered adventure down the Continental Divide from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

And he was taking on this unbelievable challenge to raise funds for First Descents. In fact, Brent said it best, “I hoped that the magnitude and insanity of the Tour Divide would inspire increased largesse. Within days after completing the 2017 Leadville 100, I turned my focus squarely on the 2018 tour Divide and set an initial fundraising goal in my head of $150,000. By September, the wheels were fully in motion (no pun intended). I just needed a few things such as a touring bike, a tent, bikepacking bags, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, bike computer, headlamps, hydration system, portable power source, plane tickets, a pre-frontal lobotomy and, most importantly, a clue.” 

Still can’t believe it? At first, neither could we…but here are the fast facts to prove that Brent peddled every inch of this unprecedented #OutLivingIt adventure.

Miles:  2,731
Elevation Gain: 223,861 feet
Time: 29 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes
Pop-Tarts consumed: 100+ 
Frozen Burritos consumed: 60+
Total Weight Loss: 11 pounds (159 to 148)
Bears encountered: 5
Cows encountered: thousands
Assholes encountered: only 1 (#winning)
Average hours ridden per day: 13
Number of times Christopher Cross’s “Ride Like the Wind” was played: 30 (once a day)
FD Dollars raised to date: $190,000+

Nearly $200,000, 2,731 miles, and 252 pages later, Brent self-published his story with the world.Divide and Conquer” is the inspiring, humorous, poignant and graphic tale of Brent’s journey.

Ready to get Out Living It this summer? Brent’s story is sure to inspire the adventure of a lifetime… Order his book on the FD Store! 100% of the proceeds from the sale of “Divide and Conquer” benefit First Descents.

Stoked to get #OutLivingIt on your own? Join the First Descents Out Living It Project to adventure on and pay it forward by fundraising for young adults impacted by cancer and MS.

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