OLIP Update: Velocity Global at Ragnar Relay

By: Andrew Coulter

This June, the First Descents tribe sent six badass teams to participate at the Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass, Colorado.  Ragnar Trail is a 24-hour relay race, where each team member runs a grueling 15 miles.  First Descents has been the charity partner of Ragnar Trail for three consecutive years, and this event is one of FD’s most beloved Out Living It Projects.

In 2017, First Descents teams raised a combined total of $28,000, thereby offsetting the cost of five multiday adventure programs and extending the healing power of adventure to 75 young adults impacted by cancer.  One of these teams was made up by one of FD’s incredible partners, Velocity Global.

Velocity Global has changed the way companies expand overseas, offering premium service, unparalleled expertise, and innovative global employment solutions in over 185 countries. This year, Velocity Global brought their high-speed solutions straight to the trails of Snowmass!  The Velocity Global team, aka Manechi Global, raised an incredible $9,421!  Thanks to their support, First Descents will provide 30 multiday adventure experiences to young adults impacted by cancer.

First Descents sat down with Velocity Global CEO Ben Wright and the rest of “Team Manechi Global” to hear more about their awesome experience running and fundraising for FD.

First Descents (FD): Why was your team name Manechi Global instead of Velocity Global?

Velocity Global: Manechi comes from the name of the “Bolivian Bigfoot” that as legend has it, is renowned for it’s speed in running through the mountainous jungles of Bolivia.

FD: If Velocity Global was a superhero, what superhero would it be? Why?

Velocity Global: Probably The Flash. Everything we do is insanely fast and efficient… except running. Another response was Ironman because Velocity Global is a self-built, innovative company that still likes to have fun.

FD: Why did you run Ragnar?

Velocity Global: We ran it to support FD! It’s such a cool opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives while also getting the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and spend time with my coworkers outside of the typical 9-5. I’ve always been involved with charities that are cancer related and I just love how a big part of FD is getting outside.

Velocity Global: I think the team camaraderie that developed was so cool! It was awesome cheering people on as they finished runs late into the night and hanging out by the campfire eating s’mores. We weren’t just co-workers, we could be ourselves! Also, getting to the top of the hardest loop and seeing the sunset was so surreal and breathtaking!

FD: At First Descents our mantra is “Out Living It” which means getting outside and challenging your perceived limitations, are there any moments at Ragnar where one of your teammates was truly embodying this?

Velocity Global: When Dragon came back super sweaty and red in the face after the first run it definitely set the tone for us. Everyone ramped up the intensity and started crushing their runs whether or not they were confident. Alex and Sarah came back so tired but still stayed supportive and positive. And then later on Dragon basically stayed up all night supporting people as they finished their runs and hanging out with people at camp or around the campfire.

FD: Why do you support First Descents?

Velocity Global: There is this image of people with cancer that they are feeble and can’t do many things. I really like how FD defies that idea and empowers young adult cancer fighters by getting participants to realize how strong they really are. It’s a unique cause that is giving participants something they can have for the rest of their life and something that cancer can’t take away. Also, I love how it’s a non-profit that has a real world impact that I can see.

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