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FDTribs NYC Q3 – Biking

It was a gorgeous day for a bike ride in Sunny Brooklyn.  The guys at Get Up and Ride were a hoot and super helpful getting all of our participants fitted with their very own cruiser & safety helmets (super cute!).  Funny how we all forgot how to stop a bike with our feet rather than a handbrake!  Sometimes the saying, “it’s like riding a bike” had a whole other meaning!!

We had a full crew and apparently a long waiting list.  Hope that will encourage future participants to sign up right away when we have Tribs events 😉  Our posse included two newbies, Chris and Naomi, who I am so proud of for joining us!  Chris even kept us all safe and sound by volunteering to be our caboose!  I know he kept me company a couple of times with Bearylicious when we got caught at a couple of red lights.  Vicki, aka Raven kept us in line by being our middle guide!  Without them we would’ve been all over town, in every which direction.

What a sight we must have been: all of riding us along in a line on these old school cruisers, each named for a famous actor to help us remember who’s was who’s!  We rode through so much of Beautiful Brooklyn on our five hour tour: Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO.  We enjoyed amazing views of the city at our first stop off at the Brooklyn Grange. Refueled and reconnected in Prospect Park for a Picnic, and finally got a pick-me up at the Brooklyn Roasting Company.  All faces were lit up with smiles and conversation was flowing whether next to one another on a bike or at our rest points.  By the time we got to the picnic it was like we were all old friends, already making plans to hang-out again soon. It was so good to see so many familiar faces and become familiar with new ones.  Love this FD Trib team like no other! -Sunshine 

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